Snippet: Friday


Leaving school on Friday

Me: Oh, hello there.

Jordan. Hello. It would appear that fate has caused us to again meet.

Well, fuck fate. Bye.

Me: Indeed. Farewell.


I’ve developed a new habit of mapping people’s personalities based on their speech and actions. The results have been… interesting overall. Maybe I’ll write a book about it. Or maybe I should focus on getting those flockdraws up here. Meh.

Snippet: ask her…


Josh decides, stupidly, to tell us that he’s Skypeing another friend while chatting with us

Linklink: Tell her to get a Discord

tea: ^ She can sing in le choir (note: this is what I call our voice channel)

Linklink: Does she like video games

Trump or hillary

Putin or Trump

These are the real questions

tea: does she sexually identify as a wave function that describes the quantum state of the system

real questions here

Ask them all

Pushki: She likes video games, Trump to both, and no to David’s

tea: good answers

Linklink: Does she like Que?


tea: oh

Pushki: She likes Queen

tea: I was about to ask if “Que” was a Spanish alt rock group

Then you cleared it up

Linklink: …David let’s form a Spanish alt rock group

tea: I adore your thinking


Guilt is simply a form of paranoia under the guise of morality. It sticks longer, never truly disappearing because it feels necessary.

easter post


It’s 11 p.m. EST and I’m here to disappoint. Enjoy bits of group chats that you never asked for. Consider it the tail end of the Snippet series.

me and two other dimwits discussing Disney princess movies, starting with Beauty and the Beast

tea: I’ve basically had the whole movie spoiled by the internet

Pushki: It is really good though, Belle is my favorite princess though. She is actually literate, smart and don’t take shit from no one.

tea: “actually literate” Josh has his priorities straight

Linklink: Hey

Show my girl pocahontas some respect too

tea: Shrek is the best princess

Linklink: David I’m gonna deck you

tea: D:

earlier, Amanda drags us into a discussion of gender equality i guess

Linklink: #perksofbeingagirlisyougetaguytotakeyououtfordinnercausethentheypayanditsfreefoodthenyounevergottatalktothemagain

tea: huh. Neat.

Linklink: Free food, gotta admit you jelly

Pushki: Free loading bitch

Linklink: Hey

Pushki: I’m for gender equality

Linklink: It’s tactic

Same but until the day that actually becomes a thing

tea: it’s tactic, but not tact

Pushki: Girls should pay for themselves or their dates sometimes

Linklink: Hey i agree buuuuuut

First date it’s usually the guy-

I mean hell. If I’m going out with a guy friend to hell

I’ll cover them, gladly

tea: you go on regular visits to hell with guy friends?


Linklink: Actually yes

tea: can i go

Linklink: Yes

we were talking music and Amanda once again broke the conversation

Linklink: David is like

A grandpa cause of how old he is

tea: lul

Linklink: He is the eldest

tea: yeah, still listens to metal, wot an old dud

Linklink: He is le great deku tree

tea: tree noises

Linklink: Ay

And Josh is Navi

Pushki: Why am I Navi?

Linklink: Second oldest, doesn’t fight, screams out boring directions, ends fun

tea: H E Y  L I S T E N

Pushki: …True